April 28, 2015
Ala-SCAN is one of the largest, most successful statewide classified line ad services in the nation. Ala-SCAN is a network of Alabama newspapers with a combined circulation of over 1.2 million.

Cost: $210 -- 25 words or less. $7.50 -- each additional word
Payment in advance is required. Payment can be made by money order or credit card.

Deadline: Monday, 5 p.m., for ad to start the following week.

Newspapers: 22 dailies, 96 weeklies -- List of Participating Papers

Pub Day: Dailies (most) - Sunday or Saturday following; Weeklies - Wed. or Thurs. following
Your ad will run one time in each paper during the designated week.
Classification: You may provide the desired classification under which you wish your ad to run; however, the final decision on how the ad will be classified is left to the individual newspaper.

Special Pub Set: We cannot provide assurance that certain words will be boldfaced, capitalized, etc. These matters are determined by the individual policies of each newspaper.

Proof: ANAS will provide an affidavit and one sample tearsheet if requested. Just type "tearsheet requested" at the end of your ad copy. ANAS monitors each newspaper participating in the network. We guarantee your ad will run in at least 90% of the participating papers.

DisCover is a statewide classified display network where you can place a small classified display ad in 114 daily and weekly newspapers across Alabama with a combined circulation of over 725,000.

$1000 - 2-column x 2-inch ad.
$500 - 1-column x 2-inch ad. $250 each additional inch in depth
Newspapers: 21 dailies, 93 weeklies -- List Of Participating Papers

Mechanical Requirements: We provide these ads, camera-ready, to participating newspapers in 4 different column formats. Let us typeset your ad, and we'll be happy to send a proof before publication.

Use borders, logos, artwork, etc. to make these small display ads stand out!

Deadline, Pub Days, Classification and Proof are the same for Dis-Cover as they are for Ala-SCAN.

Please call 205-871-7737 to place an ad.

Standards of Acceptance

Advertising will be rejected if it appears to be false, misleading, fraudulent, libelous, defamatory, illegal, in poor taste, in objectionable format, or for other good cause. Individual newspapers reserve the right to properly classify, edit or reject advertising in compliance with local regulations and policies.

The following are guidelines to be used in the acceptance of advertising, but do not and are not intended to reflect all specific newspapers.
  • Ads requesting money to be sent by mail are not accepted. A phone number or address where the reader may get additional information about the product/service must be listed in the ad.
  • Commercial advertising must indicate that the advertisement was placed by a firm or an individual engaged in commercial enterprise. This will be done by using the firm name or word "broker" or "agent" or some other suitable term.
  • Business opportunity and investment advertising must indicate the type of business to be invested. A minimum investment amount must be included. Replies to a newspaper blind box will not be accepted. Earnings claims must be based on fact and a statement of such claims must be available upon request. Statements of gross sales or net earnings are limited to those of the first accounting period.
  • Advertising for credit cards, credit repair or unsecured loans will not be accepted.
  • Employment advertising must be for a bonafide job offering and must state the nature of the work offered. Advertising for work-at-home projects will not be accepted.
  • Sales help wanted advertising must not offer or appear to offer work on a salary basis when compensation is based on a commission or bonus basis. When based on commission, no statement or implication of the amount that may be earned is acceptable unless it is a guaranteed wage and is followed by the words "guaranteed." Sales help wanted ads must state the type of product to be sold. A company name which indicates the nature of the product is acceptable.
  • Real estate for sale advertising and other advertising must comply with "Truth in Lending" guidelines when offering specific financing terms.
  • Advertising will be rejected if it is known or determined to discriminate based on age, race, national origin, religion, sex or marital status except where legal restrictions prevail. Examples of these restrictions include help wanted ads for police and firefighters or housing ads for the elderly where government funding restricts eligibility by age.
  • Acceptance of advertising may be subject to business and/or Better Business Bureau reference checks.
  • Travel advertising (magazine sales, etc.) are not accepted.
  • Political advertising and adoption ads are unacceptable.
  • Advertising containing 1-900 numbers are not accepted.

For more information, email chris@alabamapress.org. To submit online, click "Submit an Ad" button.